Help MCDC Become World Class!

Attention drum corps fans! Music City Drum Corps is excited to let you know that the corps is being evaluated by Drum Corps International for possible inclusion in DCI’s world class for the 2018 season. Surprise! As many of you know, Drum Corps International has two divisions of corps, world class and open class. The 2017 season will be MCDC’s ninth year participating as an open class corps. What is the difference you ask? World class corps travel more, have significantly larger budgets and generally perform at a higher level of execution as they tend to attract larger numbers of college students. A corps must receive an invitation to become a world class corps. Just this year, Genesis Drum Corps from Austin, TX was invited to participate in DCI’s world class.
So how can you help? While DCI will certainly be scoring Music City’s performance on the field, it will also be evaluating the culture of the organization, its fans and frankly the appetite of Nashville to financially support a world class corps for years to come. Yes the performers in every drum corps pay membership fees that pay most of the bills, but world class corps can’t saddle all of the additional expenses on the backs of its members. We need YOU to help Music City Drum Corps make it to world class! We need YOUR support.
Be counted!! Not everyone can write a big check. But let us count you among those willing to support a NEW world class drum corps in whatever manner you can. Maybe you can volunteer to help prepare meals for a week or two, maybe you can help with uniform alterations, maybe you have what it takes to become our newest board member or maybe you CAN write a check. It’s time to be counted. Will you please help? Donate or contact us now.