Statement of Support

We at Music City Youth in the Arts stand as one against systemic racism and violence. We embrace the Black community and support the demand for justice and equality.

At Music City we strive to teach excellence both on, and more importantly, off the field. Our goal is to build a strong family so we can take on any challenge that comes our way. We acknowledge the current challenge is large and difficult and that we can do more.

To all our members, alumni, volunteers, staff and MCDC family members of color, we hear you, we see you, we support you, and we love you.




The 2020 drum corps season is just around the corner. Music City invites you to join us for what is sure to be an incredible tour!  A list of our camp dates and tour schedule can be found on our Calendar.

Please submit an interest form so that we can share additional information including the audition materials with you. You will also find more details on our Membership page. Hope to see you soon!

  •    Brass

    Trumpet, Mellophone, Baritone, Tuba

  •    Percussion

    Snare, Tenors, Bass, Front Ensemble

  •    Color Guard

    Flag, Rifle, Saber


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