Carter returns with expanded leadership role

Color Guard Caption Head Tracy Carter returns to Music City in 2018 with an expanded leadership role overseeing design and performance goals for the entire corps.

Carter has been appointed as Program Coordinator, a new position responsible for the team managing show design, costuming and storyboarding, as well as facilitating communication between music and percussion arrangers, visual staff and choreographers.

“The new people added to our team this year are bringing an incredible amount of energy that will push us all to grow and be the very best version of ourselves we can be,” Carter said. “Our closeness as a staff is really going to help us make great decisions for everyone’s benefit. The design team and caption heads are completely on board with doing everything we can to make this the most successful and memorable season ever for Music City.”

In addition to Program Coordinator, Carter will continue to serve as color guard caption head overseeing recruiting, training and rehearsing the guard. Guard auditions are ongoing with a focus on finding the most driven, high energy and dynamic performers possible, she said.

“We continue to work with the guard to develop its own identity and style that is recognizable and unmistakable,” Carter said. “We’re working to find a balance of making the show entertaining, accessible to the audience and the members, but giving it the thought and design to stand out in DCI.

Delivering an enriching educational experience is important to Carter, who serves as an assistant band director in Madison, Miss. where in addition to leading two concert bands and instructing woodwinds, she oversees all indoor and outdoor guard programs.

“I want to ensure Music City members and staff go back into the world better than we found them. I want to see the future educators from our program well-rounded, trained and eager to make the programs where they teach better.”

Carter’s past drum corps experience includes three seasons marching with Spirit of JSU and one with Phantom Regiment. As an instructor, she served two seasons as color guard caption head for Southwind and is the founder and director of Conversion winter guard in Jackson, Miss.

“I grew up in a family of music educators and drums corps was something I always aspired to do,” she said. “The challenge, innovation and friendships you experience through drum corps can’t be found anywhere else. I don’t think I could ever find another environment so supportive of creativity and open minded to diversity.”