It’s always ‘go time’ for Music City’s brass caption head

Music City’s new brass caption head for the 2018 season says he only has one setting, and “that setting is go.” Paris Foreman, who was head of the low brass sections in 2016 and 2017, has been promoted to oversee the horn line, from delivering fundamentals to maximizing individual performances.

“My goal for 2018 is to improve the lives and futures of every student and staff member,” Foreman said. “I love working with students who are hungry for the challenge, who want to be pushed, who have expectations of themselves that meet or exceed the high standards I hold them to.”

Encouraging people to excel comes naturally to Foreman, who also serves as a Captain in the Army National Guard where his job is to train future officers.

“I want to maximize the talent of our members and provide a memorable experience for every person who sees our show,” he said.

And this year’s show is special for Foreman, whose full-time job is director of marketing for the Alabama-based RWS Music Company.

“I am beyond thrilled to work this year with my lifelong mentor and friend, DCI Hall of Fame inductee Robert W. Smith,” Foreman said. “Having him arrange our program is a major win for us at Music City. I’m extremely enthusiastic about this year’s program, which is going to be a dynamic, edgy, high-octane show our audiences will love and our performers will be excited to deliver.”

Foreman’s previous drum corps experience includes marching euphonium with Magic of Orlando from 1991-96, where he won numerous recognitions, including DCI’s award for outstanding brass soloist in 1995.

“I’ve had a lifelong love affair with drum corps going back to a Sunday morning in 1989 when I was 13-years-old,” Foreman said. “The DCI Finals were being broadcast on PBS. I didn’t quite know what I was watching, but I knew it was awesome and I wanted in.

“Almost 30 years later it’s still my favorite thing in the world. I love the raw power and high energy of the shows,” he said. “I love to work now with other staff who share my passion for excellence. Drum corps is a community that can never be imitated anywhere else.

“And Music City specifically is just a special place that outsiders will never understand. There is something in the water in Nashville!”