Jump on board!

It’s fair to say the Music City train is on track to become a show favorite of drum corps fans in 2018. After 11 performances and 11 standing ovations, the corps continues to pick up steam in its first year in World Class. DCI recently spotlighted Music City in a video that features footage from the corps’ performance in St. Louis and also includes interviews with drum major Jeremiah Wooten and other members.

Music City’s 2018 show tells the story of heroic railroad engineer and Tennessee native Casey Jones. Audiences are responding to the variety of musical styles and emotions the corps packs into its production entitled “Hell on Wheels: The Final Journey of Casey Jones.” Music City invites both its new and longtime fans to jump on board and follow the corps on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like all corps, Music City would also welcome your financial support. There are still several meals left on tour available for you to “sponsor.” Options range from $50 to sponsor a snack to $1,000 for an entire day.

With hope, Music City Drum Corps will soon be pulling into a station near you. ALL ABOARD!