Statement from Music City Drum Corps

In light of recent events within the drum corps community, Music City Drum Corps affirms its commitment to enforce its policy of mutual care and respect for all members. We are dedicated and committed to fostering an environment in which each member has value, in which each member is respected, and in which each member is treated with dignity. We will endeavor to provide a safe and educationally appropriate drum corps experience.

It is our intent to strengthen practices that promote the ongoing health, safety, and well-being of every member or prospective member with whom we come in contact. The Music City Drum Corps Board of Directors and Executive Director will continue to examine every aspect of our organization as we assess the integrity and professionalism of our employees, staff, and volunteers.

It is well past time the drum corps community confront harassment and sexual assault at all levels, whether from staff or members. We must stand up in the face of historic context and speak for those who have had no voice. We at Music City Drum Corps have a zero-tolerance policy towards these heinous acts. We will aggressively pursue accusations with due process and involve local and state law enforcement where appropriate. We will stand up with the vast majority of the drum corps community in saying “enough.” There can be no tolerance, no justification, and no reason to turn a blind eye in the face of misconduct and criminality.

We welcome your comments, criticisms, and communication. Please contact us at to speak up, and to stand with us.

Kent Baker
Executive Director
Music City Drum Corps
Nashville, TN