Please support Music City on Giving Tuesday

The Music City Drum Corps is proud to participate with Giving Tuesday, a national movement to support non-profit organizations during the holiday season. Please show your support today with a donation of any amount or by joining the Music City Legacy Club. Memberships begin as low as $5 per month via automatic bank or credit card draft. The corps is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, so your year-end donation is tax deductible.

Your membership grants you insider access to corps news, videos and more, as well as exclusive member gifts, discounts, tickets to shows and VIP access to invitation-only events. Your contribution helps the corps fund scholarships, services, tour expenses, upgrades and other necessities that transform the lives of young musicians and performers. Your continued support and generosity are critical to the success of Music City.

We’re looking to friends, family and fans like you to help us demonstrate the level of support Music City enjoys. No gift is too small to help us meet our goal of 50 new members by Jan. 1.

Learn more about how you can become part of the corps family and make a tremendous difference on theMusic City Legacy Club page.  Thank you!