Visual caption head shares drum corps experience

Music City’s visual caption head Josh Meyer has one simple goal for the corps’ 2018 season: “Be the best version of Music City that has ever existed.”

Meyer returns to Music City for a second year after helping lead the corps to a DCI semi-finalist finish in 2017.

“This activity is about world class musicianship on the move. I teach the ‘on the move’ part,” he said. “Whether it be the formations on the field, or elaborate choreography, it is my duty to ensure everything is clean, crisp and precise.”

Meyer, a recent University of Alabama graduate is in his first year working as an elementary music teacher in Auburn, Ala.

“While at Alabama I developed a great deal of admiration and respect for Coach Nick Saban,” Meyer said. “I’ve adopted a lot of his methods in my own teaching, focusing on a process that will lead to success rather than the success itself. Our day-to-day goals and how we rehearse will always be our biggest focus.”

Meyer brings to Music City five years of experience marching with the Bluecoats, including serving as trumpet section leader his age-out year 2016, when the Bluecoats won the DCI World Championship.

“I gained a lot from my experience in drum corps. It gave me what I consider a second family,” he said. “I want to give that same experience to the next generation of drum corps members.”

There are plenty of signs a similar family bonding experience continues to be a defining characteristic of the corps, according to Meyer.

“My favorite Music City moment was the ‘haka’ from last year’s pre-show. I enjoyed it so much because it was an organic component of the show,” he said. “It came from the members. It was member written and member performed. In the end it brought everyone together.”

The 2018 season also brings a number of behind-the-scenes changes that are exciting, Meyer said.

“The new staff coming in on the administration team is amazing. When logistics run well, everything else is achievable,” he said. “We are beginning to run like a well-oiled machine and it makes me very excited for what we will be able to achieve this year.”