Volunteer Spotlight: Angie Dear

The Music City Drum Corps relies on parents and other volunteers for many critical roles, from feeding hungry corps members to measuring and fitting members with uniforms. Angie Dear of Florence, Miss. talks about her experience helping out during the April weekend camp and why you should consider volunteering, too. Dear’s son Donnie, a Florence High School senior, is marching tuba for his second year with Music City this summer.

Q: Why did you decide to volunteer during this weekend’s Music City training camp?

Angie Dear: I have served on the boosters at the high school level in many positions from President to Concession Chair for the last six years. My husband Ellis and I have always helped and participated in any activities our boys have been involved in. We enjoy helping in any way we can.

Q: What sort of tasks did you do as a volunteer?

AD: I started out helping Mrs. Kathy measure the members for their uniforms. We then helped with food preparation for the upcoming summer training camp, along with feeding everyone this weekend. We cooked A LOT of hamburger meat! I do not think I have ever seen that much meat at one time ever.

Q: Was your experience volunteering this weekend what you expected?

AD: Yes, there is always a little work in volunteering, but the staff and the people you work with are wonderful. You can do a job as easy as putting out plates on the table, work on repairing or cleaning the food truck or just mixing and preparing the food. They teach you everything you need to know.

Q: What was your favorite part of your weekend working in support of the corps?

AD: For me, it personally touched my heart when the corps members came through the food line and said, “thank you food moms,” with some even giving you a hug. The respect and appreciation they have for what we do makes it all worth it. I also think meeting the other volunteer members was great. We created some lasting friendships that will carry on even after drum corps.

Q: What would you say to other Music City parents and family members who are considering serving as a volunteer in the future?

AD: If you could possibly spare a few days or a week you will not regret it. We shared a lot of laughs and got a tremendous amount of work done for this summer. We have several volunteers who stay with the corps all summer, sometimes on the food truck by themselves, and it gets very taxing on them. They continue to serve and take care of our kids when we are not around so anything I can do to help make their jobs easier when I am not able to be there, I will gladly do every chance I get.

Q: We heard you now plan to name some of your chickens after fellow Music City volunteers. What are the names of your favorite chickens?

AD: Well, I like all of my chickens but I have to say, Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Mary Beth and Mrs. Penny would have to be my top few. They lay eggs faithfully every day with a happy heart, much like the friends I made this weekend. Contributing as much as they can with a happy heart! I raise the chickens as pets pretty much, but we donate most of the eggs to our church pantry that helps feed the community.

If you would like to volunteer with Music City this summer, register online: