Veteran Music City staffer Nathan Barna named Visual Caption Head for 2019

Music City Drum Corps members can expect an increased emphasis on professionalism, efficiency and learning in 2019, according to new Visual Caption Head Nathan Barna. A six-season veteran staff member of the corps, Barna was recently promoted to this lead role.

“I expect our visual staff will be the most professional group in the activity, treating members with respect and dignity while getting our jobs done like a well-oiled machine,” Barna said.

As visual caption head, Barna is charged with teaching Music City’s specific marching technique, overseeing the writing and implementation of any brass and percussion choreography, teaching drill and supervising the pacing and execution of rehearsals.

“Some of my strengths include planning, studying drill intensely and delegating,” he said. “Education is our goal 100 percent of the time. I’ll assess our strengths and weaknesses to set objectives for every exercise we do. This will include everything from basic ballet training to teaching members to study drill themselves to become more self-reliant.”

Barna, a South Carolina native, is in his second year serving as the assistant director of bands and jazz director at Nashville’s John Overton High School where his bands regularly receive Superior ratings at annual Concert Performance Assessments.

“I love teaching. It’s that simple. To be able to work with a group of people who want to learn and who want to get better is such a great experience,” he said. “The bond I get to create with corps members and the impact I get to have on them is one of my most rewarding experiences.”

Outside the classroom and off the marching field, Barna is an avid runner who draws upon the sport to provide additional lessons to his students.

“One of the most extreme marathons I’ve completed was The Great Wall of China Marathon in Beijing that included climbing more than 5,000 stairs,” he said. “It was one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done. That mindset of pushing through in order to get the payoff is something I love being able to help teach corps members.”

Working with Music City has also helped Barna become a better teacher, he said.

“It is extremely important to me to have the opportunity to learn from other people and perfect my craft,” he said. “Everyone at Music City is a great educator, plus we absolutely are a family and get along so well. I have total confidence in the staff that’s been hired and I cannot wait to see our goals achieved over the course of the season.”