October Sunday Sessions

Following a seven-month break from in person events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Music City played host to its first ever Sunday Sessions in October. 

Over the course of three Sunday Sessions Music City staff taught 50 students in total.  With an emphasis on student and staff health and safety these sessions provided a great opportunity to implement new guidelines for in person events, said Joe Roach, executive director of Music City Youth in the Arts.


 “We are all learning how to host events for the first time in the COVID-19 era,” he said.

Mount Juliet High School in Tennessee played host to the sessions that included percussion, brass and color guard students. Each session had a limited number of student spots to adhere to local and state guidelines. Students were divided into smaller groups for each day’s activities and were either outside or in a large space with ventilation.  Everyone was required to wear a mask during the session with the brass players taking off their masks only when playing. 

For more information on Music City’s current COVID-19 guidelines and best practices please go to https://musiccitydrumcorps.org/about/covid-19-response/


“It felt like a huge success to have students and staff working together and sharing a social connection that we have been missing the past several months,” Roach said. “We have faced many obstacles in our brief history as an organization and we look forward to tackling this one in a safe and healthy way.” 

For those unable to attend in person sessions Music City will be offering virtual versions of Sunday Sessions as well. Please be on the lookout for more dates coming soon. If you are interested in the Sunday Sessions please fill out our interest form

The Sunday Sessions are designed for students looking to take the next step in their performing arts craft. During these in person and online sessions participants learn a variety of practice techniques they can take home and use to improve. Music City will host a variety of sessions in brass, woodwind, percussion, dance, color guard and more. 

For more information follow Music City and any questions can be sent to office@musiccityyouth.org 


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