Thank you April donors!

Music City would like to take a moment and thank our generous donors from the month of April. With the COVID shutdown and the cancellation of the 2020 DCI Summer Tour we will be leaning on the generosity of our family, friends and fans to help ensure Music City can continue to deliver on its’ mission in the future. From the Music City family to your family, Thank You, stay safe and we hope to see you all very soon!

– Executive Director Joe Roach



 Music City Youth in the Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible.

April Donors

David Benson
Sheri Black
Austin Boeger
Kevin Boger
Luca Bombelli
Julianna Brown
Carrie Roy
Keith Buck
Chris Carroll
Tim Carroll
Maureen Carroll
Crystal Carter
Joseph Castorino
Adam Chasteen
Kim Chumbler
Nicholas Cirelli
Donna Ciriello
Michelle Collins
Nicholas Cook
Eric Deason
Isaac Deaver
Kim Dedmon
Emily Deinken
Lisa Dietrich
Alejandra Escobar
Catie Flint
Kathy Formato
Debbie Gaddy
Mark Garey
Will Greene
Colton Hatfield
Dan Hecht
Ava Jaspers
Jeff Jaspers
Trent Johnson
Ronald Jones
Angela Knepper
Buddy Laster
Beth Lewis
Amy & Brad Love
Laura Luna
Michael Manor
Ayla Manor
Deanna McCray
Marie-Claire Mears
Heather Miller
Mary Misciagna
Jerri Morris
Debbie Nowicki
Alfred Perkins
Karen Pillans
Elizabeth Ray
Mitch Roberts
William Robinson
Tracy Rode
Josh Rogers
Jennifer Rogers
Pamela Salazar
Lynn Sander
Cindy Sawyer
Raven Schad
Jeffrey Schott
Megan Severs
Christian Shearer
Amy Shepherd
Laura & Barry Shepherd
George Sylvester
Madherleyn Torres
Kelly Van Eerden
Marilyn Weldin
Angela West
Noralis White
Brian Wieher
Danica Wilburn
Tim Williams
Dallas Wilson