Support Music City Winds

Members of Music City Winds are looking forward to participating Saturday, April 13 at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. You can catch Music City’s prelims performance live at 2:05 Central Time at The performance time in finals on Sunday will be determined by placement in prelims, but it would likely be between 11 a.m. and noon Central Time. FloMarching access may be purchased for a single event or an annual subscription.

Music City Winds is grateful to everyone who has supported this inaugural season. Just as in the drum corps activity, membership dues only cover a portion of the group’s actual expenses, so your financial support is especially appreciated. Music City Winds will acknowledge each $100 donation received in a very special way. Each member of the group uses a red chair prop throughout the production. For each $100 donation the donor’s name will be written on the seat so Music City Winds can carry you onto the floor for the final two performances. Thank you for SUPPORTING MUSIC CITY WINDS.

Congrats On a Successful Inaugural Season and Good Luck at Championships!

Piccolo (and tuba): Samantha Graham
Flute: Abigail Drahman, Jolina Druetzler, Christian McNeice
Bassoon: Katie Elliott, Becky Leninski
Clarinet: Molly Coppock, Addie Robison
Bass Clarinet: Nick Drahman
Alto Sax: Sinclair Eledge, Sebastian Kennedy, Xaiver Hendrix, Greg Lanier
Tenor Sax: Richard Schonauer
Baritone Sax: Camron Cogsdill
Trumpet: Austin Barry, Noah Garawecki, Alex McCarthy
French Horn: Katie Cowan Aidan Harding, Dawson Rogers, Kendall Smith
Trombone: Christian Higgins, Justin Jones, Ryan Smalley
Euphonium: Nathan Belcher, Jennifer Bennett, Jonathan Woods
Tuba: Justin Butler, Chris Washington
Snare Drum: Grayson Wright
Synthesizer: Dawson Burnes
Staff: Keith Hall, Nathan Barna, Katie Nicholson, Greg Guffey, Evan VanDoren,
Tommy Keenum, Jeremy Smith, Tracy Carter, Paris Foreman, Lori Gaskins