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The audition camp will get underway at 8:00 PM Friday, December 8 and conclude at 3PM on Sunday, December 10. There will be a performance for friends and family at 1:45 PM. Registration will begin Friday at 7:00 PM. Please note no refunds will be offered. This payment includes meals during the camp, housing, instruction and a t-shirt.

The cost is $150 through Thursday, December 7, increasing to $160 the morning of Friday, December 8. Anyone who pre-pays for the Nashville audition will be allowed to attend one or both of the Memphis and/or Knoxville auditions free of charge. Those who pay for Memphis or Knoxville and then decide to also attend Nashville will only be required to pay an additional $75 above the Memphis/Knoxville audition fee.

Please provide prospect’s name in the notes section at check out.