Trailer Fundraiser

Your donation will help us take Music City merchandise on tour in 2019

In its inaugural year competing in DCI’s World Class, Music City increased its tour schedule and fan base. Thanks to our volunteers, we were able to have a merchandise presence at more shows in 2018 than the previous year. Unfortunately, we heard from many disappointed fans because we did not have a booth at all 2018 shows, and at times we ran out of stock. Now that Music City has arrived on the World Class stage, with record competitive placements and unprecedented support as a fan favorite, it’s time to ensure the corps has a World Class mobile shop.

An important part of the tour is participating at each show’s merchandise marketplace. The Music City booth helps the corps raise money through sales and cultivate fans through face-to-face interaction. We need your help to raise $10,000 for a fully-equipped merchandise trailer. A trailer would allow the merchandise team the flexibility to adapt to the variety of DCI venues the corps visits, and ensure the capacity to maintain the inventory needed for a summer-long tour. Our goal is to assemble equipment that would include:

  • A 16-foot double-axle trailer with elevated roof with vending window
  • Electrical package and harness for generator
  • Optional vending window
  • Small office space to fill online orders while away from the home-base
  • Generator to provide electricity for lighting and registers
  • Two tents to increase our footprint from 10×10 space to a 10×20 space
  • Rolling shelving with baskets to hold more inventory and make transportation easier
  • Additional display hardware to allow for different display options and increased merchandise

Please consider donating so Music City can proudly join DCI’s World Class marketplace for the entire 2019 tour and in the years ahead. Thank you!